The two French artists, Aurélie Pétrel & Vincent Roumagnac, aka Pétrel I Roumagnac (duo), have been processing a collaborative research since 2012. By cross-fertilizing their theoretical concerns and their implementation processes, they aim to answer the following line of questionning: What possible effective and critical meeting point can there be found in their intermedia convergence. Their approach seeks to bring together the scenic activation implemented by Roumagnac (theatre director) in connection with his research on heterochronic theater and photographic spatio-temporal extensions researched by Pétrel (visual artist-photographer) related to her solo practice on the notions of situated image and photographic score. Thus, since their first project Ise, they design and display installations with protocol of reactivation or photo- scenic pieces including, among other things, photographic objects, and responding to the logic of a temporally floating visibility that invite the spectator, as contingent witness, to experience disturbances of the time of the artwork through the mutability of the staged photographic image.